Properties of a thick-section narrow-gap gas tungsten arc weld of cast Haynes 282

Michael Santella, X. Frank Chen, Philip Maziasz, Jason Rausch, Jonathan Salkin
2021 Welding in the World  
AbstractA 50.8-mm-deep gas tungsten arc weld was made with matching filler metal in cast Haynes 282 alloy. The narrow-gap joint was filled with 104 weld beads. Visual and dye-penetrant inspection of cross-weld specimens indicated that the cast base metal contained numerous casting defects. No visible indications of physical defects were found in the weld deposit. The weld heat-affected zone was characterized by microcracking and localized recrystallization. The cause of the cracking could not
more » ... determined. Hardness testing showed that a softened region in the as-welded heat-affected zone was nearly eliminated by post-weld heat treatment. Tensile testing up to 816 °C showed that cross-weld specimen strengths ranged from 57 to 79% of the cast base metal tensile strength. The stress-rupture strengths of cross-weld specimens are within 20% of base metal reference data. Failures of both tensile and stress-rupture specimens occurred in the base metal.
doi:10.1007/s40194-021-01077-4 fatcat:t6aal2kdineexbd5sjqgstydcq