Review of the literature examining the correlation among DNA microarray technologies

Carole L. Yauk, M. Lynn Berndt
2007 Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis  
DNA microarray technologies are used in a variety of biological disciplines. The diversity of platforms and analytical methods employed has raised concerns over the reliability, reproducibility and correlation of data produced across the different approaches. Initial investigations (years 2000-2003) found discrepancies in the gene expression measures produced by different microarray technologies. Increasing knowledge and control of the factors that result in poor correlation among the
more » ... es has led to much higher levels of correlation among more recent publica-tions (years 2004 to present). Here, we review the studies examining the correlation among microarray technologies. We find that with improvements in the technology (optimization and standardization of methods, including data analysis) and annotation, analysis across platforms yields highly correlated and reproducible results. We suggest several key factors that should be controlled in comparing across technologies, and are good microarray practice in general. Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 48:380-394, 2007.
doi:10.1002/em.20290 pmid:17370338 pmcid:PMC2682332 fatcat:kwa5kp26sbhqdgza26s5jzybmq