MapSnapper: engineering an efficient algorithm for matching images of maps from mobile phones

Jonathon S. Hare, Paul H. Lewis, Layla Gordon, Glen Hart, Theo Gevers, Ramesh C. Jain, Simone Santini
2008 Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems II  
The MapSnapper project aimed to develop a system for robust matching of low-quality images of a paper map taken from a mobile phone against a high quality digital raster representation of the same map. The paper presents a novel methodology for performing content-based image retrieval and object recognition from query images that have been degraded by noise and subjected to transformations through the imaging system. In addition the paper also provides an insight into the evaluation-driven
more » ... opment process that was used to incrementally improve the matching performance until the design specifications were met.
doi:10.1117/12.767207 fatcat:retrghrcsrhjjcduyoeksers24