Compression Resistance of Concrete

Alexandra Pamfil, Petru Mihai
2021 Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy: Constructions, Architechture Section  
The paper presents the main mathematical relationships for the evaluation of the compressive strength of Portland cement concretes made over time by researchers of worldwide recognized scientific value. The authors use in their relations the influence factors on the value of the compressive strength and the conditions that the components of the concrete must meet. Each mathematical relation was verified by the authors through complex laboratory research and by imposing restrictive conditions
more » ... achieving the mechanical performance and durability of the studied concrete. It presents the advantages, disadvantages and scope of use of relations, as well as the possibilities for their application for the present. The relationship established by Feret in 1892 (also reformulated by him in 1896) is a qualitative relationship, which takes into account the absolute volumes occupied by cement, water, occluded air and the quality of the cement; the relationship established by Bolomey in 1935 and completed by the Russian scholar Skramtaev is a quantitative relation, which takes into account the dosages of cement, water and the quality of cement and aggregates. Feret's relationship, updated in 1999 by François de Larrard, as well as Bolomey's relationship, updated in 1979 by Dreux-Gorisse, proved their validity and usefulness in evaluating the mechanical performance of Portland cement concrete.
doi:10.2478/bipca-2021-0011 fatcat:nht4h5nn3zg7pcg3clyvdzfxfy