Agroforestry contribute to circular bioeconomy

2019 Zenodo  
Economic growth has usually been at the expense of the environment. The need to change our development to a more sustainable economic model, makes bioeconomy to be part of the solution to address some of the most eminent European and global challenges: climate change, biodiversity loss, forest fires, the ocean plastic... Furthermore generating less residues across the value chain and recycling those still produced is also key to close the cycle and conform the circular bioeconomy. Given that
more » ... t products derived from fossil fuels can be obtained from biomass, either woody or other plant species, the opportunities for agroforestry are manifold. Agroforestry is known for the diversification of products that can be obtained in an integrative way in the same land unit, providing a great variety of raw materials that may be transformed into bio-based products.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3547298 fatcat:crezo64fojhj3b7d57pqhlvgtq