Vom Gerstenkorn zum Wasser des Lebens

Anita Szabo
2009 unpublished
This thesis concentrates on the subject of the production of Scotch Single Malt Whisky and compares the whisky culture in the countries Scotland and Austria. It also shows the historical background of the whisky-making process. In the first part there is a presentation of the subject itself and the reasons for the choice of this topic. Also the target group, to whom the thesis is addressed to, is specified here. In this part the research question is presented and the thesis goes into detail on
more » ... he methodological approach. The main part is divided into two sections: In the first section a historical overview on the whisky production in Scotland is given. Furthermore the basic ingredients and the process itself are mentioned. The second section is dedicated to the glossary, which is structured after the topics, to make it easier for the reader to find the right termini. In chapter 4 the problems, which have occurred during the preparation of the glossary are described. Chapter 5 includes the answer to the research question the résumé and the conclusion on the further development of the whisky culture with main emphasis on Scotland and Austria. The last part - under point 6 - shows the directory of all books and lexica used in this thesis in English and German, as well as the directory of the online sources. It also contains an index of the termini used in the glossary in alphabetical order in both languages (English-German/German-English).
doi:10.25365/thesis.6637 fatcat:kcqn7rpi7ve37kc3dztusb6ezu