Electrokinetic of red mud

A J Sipayung, D T Suryaningtyas, B Sumawinata
2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
Red mud -a bauxite residue, is a by-product of the Bayer Process for refining bauxite to alumina. Red mud is highly alkaline, due to the sodium hydroxide utilization to purify bauxite from silicate and other impurities. In order to produce one ton of aluminium, it will be yielded 0.8 to 1.5 tons of red mud is produced as by-product. Red mud has unique characteristics such as acidity (pH) of 10.88, Electrical Conductivity (EC) of 22.3 dS m -1 and Na + level of 49.91 cmol(+) kg -1 . Safe storage
more » ... -1 . Safe storage of the red mud requires a specified impoundments with leachate collection and treatment to prevent contamination of soil and groundwater. This study investigated the feasibility of electrokinetic treatment for reclamation of red mud. A set of laboratory electrokinetic tests was carried out in order to identify the main parameters and processes affecting the removal of ions from red mud. Experiments were conducted using 30 and 45 volts direct current and was compared to washing method by using aquadest 1:25. After 30 days of electrokinetic, a zone of pH (8.6) was detected close to the anode, lower than the washing results (pH 9.17). Among the various cations, the highest removal efficiency was achieved for Na + 98.01% close to the anode with 45 volts current, higher than washing result 67.2%. The result of this study provided evidence that the application of electrokinetics endorsing its validity as a viable red mud remediation technology.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/393/1/012090 fatcat:2h4jxpsagrewbdwvp2hj63iggm