Light absorption in the near field around surface plasmon polaritons

Antonio Luque, Antonio Martí, Manuel J. Mendes, Ignacio Tobías
2008 Journal of Applied Physics  
A semiclassical method is developed to calculate the energy absorption of an electronic system located in the near field of a metal nanoparticle sustaining surface plasmons. The results are found to be similar to those of photon absorption from ordinary transversal radiation. However, they are affected by a geometrical factor that can increase the absorption by several orders of magnitude. As example, we investigate ellipsoidal-shaped metal nanoparticles which, under favorable conditions, may
more » ... ovide near field aborption enhancements almost as large as 10 4 , and in many cases above 10.
doi:10.1063/1.3014035 fatcat:46nngxniovehnplfagzbavdwdm