Record of Borearctia menetriesii (Eversmann, 1846) (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae) larva on Aconitum rubicundum Fischer (Ranunculaceae) in Eastern Siberia

Ivan Bolotov, Oleg E. Berlov
2015 Nota Lepidopterologica  
In this note we report the first record of Borearctia menetriesii (Eversmann, 1846) (Erebidae: Arctiinae) larva on a native host plant, Aconitum rubicundum Fischer (Ranunculaceae). This aconite species is a close relative of A. lycoctonum, which is widespread across Eurasia, but has a scattered distribution in Fennoscandia. The majority of B. menetriesii localities are situated within the distribution range of A. lycoctonum and other aconite taxa, which are diverse and widespread in the Eastern
more » ... Palaearctic. However, only two of the six westernmost B. menetriesii localities in Finland are in accordance with sporadic records of A. lycoctonum. Our record confirms that B. menetriesii is a polyphagous species like most other boreal Arctiinae. We have expanded the list of a few Lepidoptera species which can use Aconitum spp. as suitable host plants despite the fact that they are poisonous for insects because of high alkaloid content.
doi:10.3897/nl.38.8664 fatcat:gk2dmg56krh7bf6qlymksi4rnu