Synthesis and Reactivity of Chalcogenidometalates in Ionic Liquids

Silke Santner, Dehnen, Stefanie (Prof. Dr.)
This work focused on the investigation of the reaction behaviour of chalcogenidotetrelates in ionic liquids (ILs). Therefor, well known compounds with precursor anions such as [SnSe4]4–, [Ge4Se10]4–, or K2[Sn2Se5], which contains a 3D-framework, were used. Furthermore, salts with new precursor anions, such as [Sn4Se10]4– or [M4Sn4Se17]10– (M = Mn, Zn, Cd), were investigated. The following parameters were modified: nature of the IL, reaction temperature and time, addition of different metal
more » ... , and the influence of different amines or ammonium salts. The influence of IL mixtures as well as ILs with new cations and anions were explored for the first time. Thus, several new selenidometalates with different topologies and compositions could be synthesized. The reaction mixtures as well as the products were investigated by single crystal x-ray diffraction, x-ray powder diffraction, NMR-spectrocopy, micro x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and UV/Vis-spectroscopy. Complex relations between the reaction conditions and the resulting structures could be shown. The IL is not only the reaction media but takes part in the reaction as a reaction partner. This has an influence on the reactivity of the reaction mixture and the product selectivity.
doi:10.17192/z2017.0469 fatcat:kjaohrdg6bbena4veurmungvry