Efficacy of beer fermentation residue containingSaccharomyces cerevisiaecells for ameliorating aflatoxicosis in broilers

F. Bovo, L. T. Franco, E. Kobashigawa, G. E. Rottinghaus, D. R. Ledoux, C. A. F. Oliveira
2015 Poultry Science  
This study aimed to determine the aflatoxin B 1 (AFB 1 ) binding capacity of a beer fermentation residue (BFR) containing Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells, and the efficacy of BFR to ameliorate the toxic effects of AFB 1 on performance, serum biochemistry, and histology of broilers. The BFR was collected from a microbrewery, and the yeast cells were counted, dried, and milled before it was used in the study. In vitro evaluation of the BFR was conducted using different concentrations of AFB 1
more » ... tions of AFB 1 (2.0, 4.0, 8.0, 16.0, and 32.0 μg AFB 1 /mL) and 100 mg/10 mL of BFR at pH 3.0 or 6.0. Two hundred 1-day-old male broilers (Ross 308) were assigned to chick batteries and allowed ad libitum access to feed and water. A completely randomized design was used with 5 replicate pens of 5 chicks assigned to each of 4 dietary treatments from hatch to 21 d, which included: 1) basal diet (BD), with no BFR or AFB 1 ; 2) BD supplemented with 1% BFR; 3) BD supplemented with 2 mg AFB 1 /kg of feed; and 4) BD supplemented with 2 mg AFB 1 /kg feed and 1% BFR. Performance variables were determined weekly, while serum analyses were performed on d 14 and 21. At the end of the study, chicks were anesthetized with carbon dioxide, euthanized by cervical dislocation, and the kidney, liver, and bursa of Fabricius were removed for determination of relative weights, and for histological evaluation. In vitro assays showed that the higher the initial AFB 1 concentration in solution, the greater the AFB 1 amount adsorbed by BFR at both pHs tested. Feed intake, BW gain, and concentrations of albumin, total protein, and globulin increased (P < 0.05) in broilers fed BFR+AFB 1 (Diet 4), when compared to the birds receiving only AFB 1 (Diet 2). Although BFR was not able to reduce or prevent the effects of AFB 1 on relative weights of kidneys and liver, it reduced the severity of histological changes in the liver and kidney caused by AFB 1 .
doi:10.3382/ps/pev067 pmid:25743420 fatcat:4ux7gx34ljgeha3ztfyf6azfvi