Landslide susceptibility and risk assessment in a non-mountainous region – a case study of Koronowo, northern Poland

2016 Geological Quarterly  
2 Pol ish Acad emy of Sci ences, In sti tute of Hy dro-En gi neer ing, Kooecierska 7, 80-328 Gdañsk, Po land Mrozek, T., Laskowicz, I., Zabuski, L., Kulczykowski, M., OEwidziñski, W., 2016. Land slide sus cep ti bil ity and risk as sess ment in a non-moun tain ous re gion -a case study of Koronowo, north ern Po land. Geo log i cal Quar terly, 60 (3): 758-769, doi: 10.7306/gq.1307 The study deals with land slide threats in a low-re lief re gion which ex em pli fies an area rarely per ceived as
more » ... one to such geohazards. Ac tu ally, in the gently un du lated land scape in the vi cin ity of Koronowo at the Brda River (South Pom er a nian Lake Dis trict, north ern Po land) in ten si fied landsliding was ob served in the re cent years. The field map ping and ex am i na tion of air pho tos showed that en dan gered ter rains are fairly ex ten sive and can not be lim ited to ini tially iden ti fied slope fail ure in cidences (hot-spots). The de vised land slide sus cep ti bil ity and haz ard map is an out come of pre dic tive mod el ling us ing em pir ical like li hood ra tio func tion (LR) with re spect to seven ev i den tial lay ers: el e va tion, slope an gle, slope as pect, flow ac cu mu la tion, sur face de pos its, depth to gla cial raft, land cover as well as the land slide scars. The val ues of po ten tial losses were cal cu lated based on the mapped land-use cat e go ries and cur rent mar ket prices of es tates and ser vices. The fi nal map, which re sulted from com bin ing land slide haz ard with po ten tial losses, shows dam age pro pen sity in a spa tial scale of the town sur round ings. It is meant as a sup port ive tool for de ci sion-mak ing with re gard to al lo cat ing funds for sta bi li za tion measures or plan ning place ment of new in vest ments. On this back ground, sta bi li za tion so lu tions for se lected sites are as sessed in a cost-ben e fit con text. Key words: land slide haz ard, risk eval u a tion, non-moun tain ous land scape, land-use plans, Brda val ley. Landslide susceptibility and risk assessment in a non-mountainous region -a case study of Koronowo, northern Poland
doi:10.7306/gq.1307 fatcat:natkzxfws5g4tmbhe6vlggrli4