Walki Legionów Polskich w Karpatach (wrzesień‑październik 1914 r.)

Tomasz Dudek
2018 Sowiniec  
The 2nd Brigade, Polish Legions in the Carpathian Mountains (September-October 1914)In this article, the author presents the activity of the Polish Legions, at that time commanded by General Karol Durski, in the Carpathian Mountains. Polish soldiers then had to fight under very difficult conditions as a result of the numerous deficiencies in equipment and arms. Nonetheless, they tried to perform the tasks to which they were entrusted as best as they could. Amidst the weakness of the
more » ... rian army, Polish units in this region played a decisive rule in halting the Russian offensive. This was significant because if the Russians had crossed the Carpathians, this would have led to an invasion of Hungary, which could have had unpredictable consequences. In the first phase, Polish units participated in the struggle to liberate Máramaros County. The second phase consisted of armed conflict in the Nadvirna and Bohorodchany regions. This part of the skirmishes concludes with the bloody Battle of Mołotków on October 29, 1914. Although it ended with a tactical defeat of the Polish units, which were forced to retreat, it was, however, a tactical victory, as the Russians, exhausted by the daylong battle, were forced to cease their offensive maneuvers.
doi:10.12797/sowiniec.28.2017.50-51.01 fatcat:bgqr5siomredjmrpnejb5vjrla