Spectrophotometric Studies for Synthesis of Organic Acids of Antimony. I
有機アンチモン酸の合成に関する分光化学的研究 (第1報)

Yahyoe Kinoshita
1958 Yakugaku zasshi  
In order to synthesize pyrimidine-2-stibonic acid, the diazo reaction, which occu pies one of the most important step in the route to its formation, was examined in detail and a new modified procedure was devised. By the use of isoamyl 'nitrite as the diazotization agent and dehydrated ethanol as the solvent, with a shortened reaction time, the intermediate, pyrimidine-2-stibonyl tetrachloride, was obtained in a good yield. On warming this intermediate with dilute alkali, Pyrimidine-2-stibonic
more » ... cid was obtained in almost quantitative yield. This modified procedure was applied to the synthesis of eight kinds of stibonic acid reported in the past literature and the stibonic acids were obtained in better yield than that reported through the stibonic tetrachloride intermediate.
doi:10.1248/yakushi1947.78.1_41 fatcat:4qr2s2zovrcpjl6wghj4vpjdku