Inhomogenization of semi-simple lie algebras

J. Rosen
1966 Il Nuovo Cimento A  
203 where 0mi~ = 2/a occurs because of the screening of the nuclear field by the a|omic electrons, 2 being the de Broglie wavelength and a the screening radius. Taking accmmt of interference which results in a variation of 7~o in the mean angle c71 for an interference of 15~ This value of 15~ is an extreme case, the mean interference being 9~ between 0 and 1 mrad. Moreover the interference decreases as the Coulomb scattering increases and is very small between 0 and 01 mrad. We can thus
more » ... that the presence of interference effects will not alter the measurements of multiple scattering. The results presented for the 27 GeV/c protons (1) can then be extended to the region of multiple scattering.
doi:10.1007/bf02738781 fatcat:fph2ba47zvdstco4z75txlba6a