Addiction to Drugs Causes and Treatment (A field study in the city of Baghdad)

2020 Journal of Arts, Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences  
In the light of our tagged search (Addiction to drugs Causes and treatment), we have identified some social and anthropological theories that explain the phenomenon of drug addiction, identifying the causes and methods of treatment, prevention and the most important recommendations, the researcher presented the subject in addition to the theoretical field in addition to the field aspect when selected sample size (50) representative of the original community in practical and methodical ways, the
more » ... field study found results that serve the youth of drug addicts, including helping them to accept their bitter reality a year (2003), instilling self-confidence, helping them overcome social and economic problems, also to move away from bad mental health, any change in society affects the structure of society and shows perverse patterns of behavior, such as drug addiction groups and criminal gangs, those who continue to be addicted will end up committing suicide or in prison for crimes under the influence of drugs. One of the most important findings of the research, most of the sample units are male, as they are mostly in the age group (21-23) years and that the size of large families, the number of family members (6-7) individuals, the sample units are characterized by a decline in their scientific level, the percentage of people with an average level of education, they are mostly singles, their percentage (50%) of sample size, that the sample members are characterized by economic instability often, The percentage of the number of winery (52%) of sample size, the research also found that the causes of the spread of the phenomenon of addiction to drugs according to their weights and serial sequence are: (Political, social, economic, and means of communication), as one of the important reasons for the spread of this phenomenon, the researcher came out with recommendations and suggestions to reduce this phenomenon, which can be taken by the institutions concerned to develop programs and future plans to reduce the impact on the individual, family and society through the spread of this phenomenon.
doi:10.33193/jalhss.62.2020.368 fatcat:rrqw3cbyjnb2zksbfcjflnzyza