Communication and the Role of the Lord in Amos: Their Development and Their Implications for the Text-Immanent Reader

Bincy Thumpanathu
PREFACE The book of Amos, consisting of just nine chapters, is widely considered to be a catalogue of social justice policies and of divine judgements. It is not only a litany of condemnations of injustices and iniquities, and also of false pieties, practised by Israel, but it is ultimately a message of hope. As Amos' mission is first and foremost to exhort, communication is necessarily involved. The communicative elements in the book, both internal and external, are of considerable interest
more » ... oughout, with the utterances of the Lord being especially significant. Undertaking my PhD at Tilburg University, I have completed a text-linguistic analysis of the development of the communication in the book of Amos with a special focus on the role of the Lord and its implications for the text-immanent reader. I wish to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the many people who supported me in bringing this work to fruition.
doi:10.26116/m5js-kb43 fatcat:njh2pvkzmvbsbonzptve4mgony