Study and Experimental Investigation of Solar Dryer by using Concentric Dish Collector

Megha, Sontakke, Sanjay Salve
2016 International Engineering Research Journal (IERJ) Special Issue   unpublished
Drying means moisture removal from the product. Drying is helpful in preserving food product for long time; The performance of a new design of a solar dryer for drying chillis is presented. The dryer consists of drying cabinet, heat exchanger, 1.4m 2 Dish type parabolic solar collector, and water type heat storage unit. The cabinet size is 0.41 m wide × 0.51 m long × 0.61 m high with the load capacity of 1-2 kg for chillies. Three batches of chillis were dried in this dryer during April-May,
more » ... 6. For each batch, 1 kg of chillis were dried. Natural drying process is more time consumable than solar drying process. The dried products were completely protected from rains, insects and the quality of drying products is higher than that of natural sun drying. It is observed that in drying concentric collector gives better result than flat plate collector. The moisture reduction of chilies obtained with developed dryer is from 78% to 24% in 20 sunshine hours. The efficiencies of the solar collector were 40%-60%.