Electron and positron pair production of compact stars

Wen-Biao Han, Remo Ruffini, She-Sheng Xue
2012 Physical Review D  
Neutral stellar core at or over nuclear densities is described by a positive charged baryon core and negative charged electron fluid since they possess different masses and interactions. Based on a simplified model of a gravitationally collapsing or pulsating baryon core, we approximately integrate the Einstein-Maxwell equations and the equations for the number and energy-momentum conservation of complete degenerate electron fluid. We show possible electric processes that lead to the production
more » ... of electron-positron pairs in the boundary of a baryon core and calculate the number and energy of electron-positron pairs. This can be relevant for understanding the energetic sources of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.86.084004 fatcat:bgs3yf73pfe7lhnpdl7scatetm