Contactless Automated Express Evaluation of Damages to a Car Body by Visual Parameters

M. Tarasovа, N. Filkin, R. Yurtikov
2019 Nauka i Tehnika  
Explosive development of computer technologies and their availability made it possible to extensively focus nowadays on emerging state-of-the-art technologies, digitalization, artificial intelligence, and automated systems, including in the field of road safety. It would be reasonable to implement some technical devices in this respect to remove human factor and automate some procedures completed at the scene of a road accident. Automatically filled up road accident inspection records and,
more » ... y, diagrams of the accident will reduce time required for the examining inspector and remove human factor. Ultimately, an automated road accident data sheet is suggested to be established. To tackle the issues above requires a technique to determine whether the produced damages to the car body result from the same road accident. The fact remains that there are circumstances when even vehicle trace examination would not do the job, in case of multiple corrosive damage to the body. In view of the above, a technique designed to determine whether the damages produced are caused at the same point of time gains its ground. A technique for a time-related corrosion examination is offered herein to cut expenditures for diagnostics and expert examination of road accidents. That will also eliminate the matters of argument with respect to the road accident evaluation in court. Among added benefits of the technique are that it is simple, quick to implement, and requires no human involvement. It is a well-established fact that each chemical element or a mixture of substances has its own timeinvariant color attributes which allows to determine availability of one or another substance during corrosion of metal surfaces, by emission from the surface in question.
doi:10.21122/2227-1031-2019-18-6-471-475 fatcat:ignvozchsravppapza23tiki4y