Sum rules and spectral density flow in QCD and in superconformal theories

Antonio Costantini, Luigi Delle Rose, Mirko Serino, G.E. Bruno, G. Chiodini, P. Colangelo, C. Corianò, D. Creanza, F. De Fazio, E. Nappi
2014 EPJ Web of Conferences  
We discuss the signature of the anomalous breaking of the superconformal symmetry in N=1 super Yang Mills theory and its manifestation in the form of anomaly poles. Moreover, we describe the massive deformations of the N=1 theory and the spectral densities of the corresponding anomaly form factors. These are characterized by spectral densities which flow with the mass deformation and turn the continuum contributions from the two-particle cuts of the intermediate states into poles, with a single
more » ... sum rule satisfied by each component. The poles can be interpreted as signaling the exchange of a composite axion/dilaton/dilatino (ADD) multiplet in the effective Lagrangian. We conclude that global anomalous currents characterized by a single flow in the perturbative picture always predict the existence of composite interpolating fields.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20148000017 fatcat:7tnktwbi3valhfrwa273dd2ede