E-commerce: Buying and Selling through Internet in Kosovo

Dr.Sc. Jusuf Qarkaxhija
2012 ILIRIA International Review  
Before internet was invented, there were invented numerous networks that helped American businesses in multiple savings. First of, they didn't spend money on buying printers or scanners for the computers they possessed, meaning that the money spent before on buying hundreds of them, now was saved and used to buy a few of printers and scanners. How was this done? This worked by binding the entire computers of a floor to a single network. Second, the factor mostly taken into account is the energy
more » ... saving and various abuses. Imagine the enormous amount of electricity that hundreds of printers and scanners would spend and how much energy tens of them would spend, moreover just think about how much these devices would be used in offices, where nobody is looking, for personal interests.American business, as the most creative one and the strongest was bothered by only one thing . This was the misuse of secret corporation information. These abuses occurred when the data had to be printed and transferred to corporate subsidiaries around the world. During the transfer the data could also be lost or damaged (intentionally or unintentionally) and then the corporation would suffer losses (the data were transferred via floppy discs, or they were printed in hard copies). The solution for these problems came from the US military that had invented the internet earlier and after having consumed it for its own needs, decided to put it up for American businesses.The internet has developed its own services such as : www, ftp, e-mail, and buying and selling though internet (e-commerce). Nowadays, information exchanges with corporate branches are not made roughly, but electronically in real time. Additionally, this made it possible for a new category of web designers to be created and they created a powerful web-site through which some businesses created virtual shops and they started earning more money than they used to, in their physical stores.This American development started penetrating in other countries as well. In Kosovo and Albania the situation has not changed in terms of doing business through internet. An important reason might be that Kosovo is not admitted to third party service for payments paypal.com, as well as in the world's largest virtual store Amazon.Inc. But the first steps have already been taken.
doi:10.21113/iir.v2i2.154 fatcat:psdysdim5jcoth4r5vu3ow4l4q