The Delta Scuti Network: Steps Towards Successful Asteroseismology of Delta Scuti Stars

W. Zima, M. Breger, K. Bischof, F. Rodler, A. Stankov, A. A. Pamyatnykh, V. Antoci, D. Lorenz, M. Sperl, R. Zechner, R. Garrido, M. Wood (+2 others)
2002 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
AbstractThe Delta Scuti Network (DSN) is a collaboration of astronomers all around the globe who study and observe short-period variables. The field of scientific research includes high-precision photometric and Spectroscopic global campaigns, mode identification techniques, and asteroseismological pulsation modeling. We present results for three stars that are receiving the most attention at the moment: 4 CVn, BI CMi, and 44 Tau. Our results demonstrate that a large number of simultaneously
more » ... ited nonradial oscillations in stars on and above the main sequence can be detected by conventional means.
doi:10.1017/s025292110001719x fatcat:prt6lnnm5bck3cxqtxztwtzuwa