Effects of sea ice change on the Arctic climate: insights from experiments with a polar atmospheric regional climate model

Xiying Liu, Chenchen Lu
2021 Journal of Water and Climate Change  
To get insights into the effects of sea ice change on the Arctic climate, a polar atmospheric regional climate model was used to perform two groups of numerical experiments with prescribed sea ice cover of typical mild and severe sea ice. In experiments within the same group, the lateral boundary conditions and initial values were kept the same. The prescribed sea ice concentration (SIC) and other fields for the lower boundary conditions were changed every six hours. 10-year integration was
more » ... leted, and monthly mean results were saved for analysis in each experiment. It is shown that the changes in annual mean surface air temperature have close connections with that in SIC, and the maximum change of temperature surpasses 15 K. The effects of SIC changes on 850 hPa air temperature is also evident, with more significant changes in the group with reduced sea ice. The higher the height, the weaker the response in air temperature to SIC change. The annual mean SIC change creates the pattern of differences in annual mean sea level pressure. The degree of significance in pressure change is modulated by atmospheric stratification stability. In response to reduction/increase of sea ice, the intensity of polar vortex weakens/strengthens.
doi:10.2166/wcc.2021.206 fatcat:yhreujrfknfetn7o4nxoy3m5dq