Boltzmann equation for heavy ion collisions

G. F. Bertsch, H. Kruse, S. Das Gupta
1984 Physical Review C  
The sensitivity of inclusive observables in heavy ion collisions to the nuclear equation of state can be tested with the Boltzmann equation. %e solve the Boltzmann equation, including mean field and Pauli blocking effects, by a method that follows closely the cascade model. We find that the inclusive pion production is insensitive to the nuclear equation of state, contrary to recent claims. A recent article by Stock et al. ' suggests that the nuclear equation of state might be measured by the
more » ... e measured by the pion production cross section in heavy ion collisions. Interpretation of the pion yield data is based on comparison with cascade models of heavy ion collisions; a disagreement between the cascade prediction and the measured pion yield is taken as evidence for collective effects. Clearly, there is a need to develop a
doi:10.1103/physrevc.29.673 fatcat:5h65q2jpxfb3poai7cektvi47i