Detection of Inter-Turn Faults in Multi-Phase Ferrite-PM Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machines

Carlos Candelo-Zuluaga, Jordi-Roger Riba, Carlos López-Torres, Antoni Garcia
2019 Energies  
Inter-turn winding faults in five-phase ferrite-permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motors (fPMa-SynRMs) can lead to catastrophic consequences if not detected in a timely manner, since they can quickly progress into more severe short-circuit faults, such as coil-to-coil, phase-to-ground or phase-to-phase faults. This paper analyzes the feasibility of detecting such harmful faults in their early stage, with only one short-circuited turn, since there is a lack of works related to
more » ... orks related to this topic in multi-phase fPMa-SynRMs. Two methods are tested for this purpose, the analysis of the spectral content of the zero-sequence voltage component (ZSVC) and the analysis of the stator current spectra, also known as motor current signature analysis (MCSA), which is a well-known fault diagnosis method. This paper compares the performance and sensitivity of both methods under different operating conditions. It is proven that inter-turn faults can be detected in the early stage, with the ZSVC providing more sensitivity than the MCSA method. It is also proven that the working conditions have little effect on the sensitivity of both methods. To conclude, this paper proposes two inter-turn fault indicators and the threshold values to detect such faults in the early stage, which are calculated from the spectral information of the ZSVC and the line currents.
doi:10.3390/en12142733 fatcat:fadkuc5cgrablpnsauqzk4q3hi