Art and Reality in a Post-Modernistic Paradigm of Abram Tertz: "Life Situations" and "Art Situations"

Gulnar K. Shomanova
2016 Journal of Siberian Federal University  
The creative work of A. Tertz (A.D. Siniavskii) in the 60's developed the post-modernistic representation of the issue of art and attitude to reality, which was preceded by literary-and-critical works. The article educes the peculiarities of a post-modernistic paradigm of "art and reality", and its impact on the genre strategy of Tertz. The origins of iterative citationality are reviewed in such books as "A Voice from the Chorus", "Strolls with Pushkin" and "In the shadow of Gogol". The subject
more » ... Gogol". The subject of the article is the impact of " fantastic realism" of the writer on pieces of work dedicated to art. The duality of the hero, aesthetics of the scary and the horrible, the gothic, detective genre tactics, adventurous plots are analyzed as principles of " fantastic realism" or poetics of "schizodiscourse". The typology of a "small person" of the 60's is brought to light. The article reveals the influence of prison experience of Tertz on understanding and representation of art. The author established the technique of creating secondary reality (parodying the concepts of poststructuralism); the peculiarity of author's mystification and methods of imitating high style are characterized. Also he identifies the relation between the idea of futility of art and standard poetics, which explains the domination of grotesque S. Toraigyrov Pavlodar State University 60 Lomov Str., Pavlodar, 140000, Kazakhstan physiologism. The article studies the essence of duality in Tertz' poetics in the aspect of aberration and autobiographism, as well as the fragmentary nature of writing, the technique of arrangement as symbols of genre transformation, which is characterized by belonging to prison prose. Poetics of postmodernism with its receptive nature is analyzed in the context of a literary game.
doi:10.17516/1997-1370-2016-9-5-1239-1248 fatcat:a62wuk7pfraa7bcfa4qi4nvr6q