Nepal in crisis

G Gajalakshmi, S Meenakshi
2022 International Journal of Health Sciences  
The emission of greenhouse gas blankets the earth trapping the sun's heat waves. This leads to a rise in temperature with scientists and ecologists term it as climate change. The world is now warming faster than at any point in recorded history. This affects the agriculture, forestry, human health biodiversity, and the snow-covered mountains. Changes in climatic factors such as rise in temperature, uneven precipitation patterns, solar radiations have a great influence on crops which on the
more » ... hand affect the lifestyle of humans and in particularly women. This study examines Nepal under immediate climate crisis. Nepal is prone to a variety of recurring natural disasters such as floods. Water is one of the most important lives' driving factor. Nepal experiences both extremities. Too much water and too little water. Flood happens due to extreme weather conditions damaging the lifestyle and drought happens when there is no proper management during the floods. Both affect the people on the mountain terrains. This paper examines how nature repays us for our deeds in different forms. Women are mainly affected by climate crisis. The hardships faced by the women and it also examines their strong will power in overcoming it.
doi:10.53730/ijhs.v6ns4.9552 fatcat:gcj3zqf4mrdvndiinhfxe3uvda