Participação social em saúde: aspectos históricos e sociais relacionados à representação dos trabalhadores de saúde no Conselho Municipal de Saúde [thesis]

Nilce Helena de Paula Kezh
The Municipal Health Council is a collegiate body of social participation in public health policies. The board is deliberative and composed by users, workers and managers of the health sector at the municipal level representatives. This research aimed to understand the historical and social aspects related to social participation of workers in the Municipal Health Council of Guarulhos. Additionally, intend to describe the process by which this Council was formed relating to the current
more » ... he current organization and dynamics of functioning and analyzing the participation of the health workers. Methodology involves qualitative research and document analysis, participant observation and semi-structured interviews. Results show that the social movement of Guarulhos used legal mechanisms to legitimacy health participation; that the worker participation is diluted; there is a predominance of the liberal vision among participants. It may impose barriers to the effective participation of civil society in local health policies.
doi:10.11606/d.6.2014.tde-04092014-103542 fatcat:dt6tghcuqffyhhhrkqqg4gtgti