Photoluminescence properties of BaxSryLizSiO4:Ce3+, Mn2+ phosphors for NUV-LED lighting

Yisen Lin, Zhaoxian Xiong, Liqing Hong, Hao Xue, La Chen
2011 2011 International Symposium on Advanced Packaging Materials (APM)  
A series of Ce 3+ , Mn 2+ codoped Ba x Sr y Li z SiO 4 :Ce 3+ , Mn 2+ phosphors were synthesized by partially liquid-phase method. The effects of Ba/Sr ratio, Ce/Mn ratio and lithium content on the emission spectra of the Ba x Sr y Li z SiO 4 :Ce 3+ ,Mn 2+ (BSLS:Ce,Mn) phosphors were investigated in details, which showed blue emission around 410nm wavelength and red emission at about 620nm wavelength, respectively. With the increasing of Sr/Ba ratio, the color of BSLS:Ce, Mn was changed from
more » ... nge to red. However, the intensity of blue emission was reduced and red emission was enhanced with an incensement of Mn/Ce ratio. The strongest intensity of emission for the phosphor was obtained at Li content of 15mol%.
doi:10.1109/isapm.2011.6105689 fatcat:wjna3aty7bejdejydqgn5qywfm