2-4 Examination of Policy Legitimacy of Coal Fired Power Generation in National Decarbonization Strategy
2-4 脱炭素戦略における石炭火力発電の政策的正当性の検討

Masayuki HORIO
Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science  
To induce discussions on coal utilization's future by facing up to reality, coal phaseout issue is discussed. First, 2030-2050 scenario for decarbonization depending only commercialized technologies is examined to confirm that coal phaseout is indispensable. Second, some major technical possibilities including IGCC and CCS are examined to confirm their difficulty. To conclude, it is suggested that coal phaseout scenario should be developed from a wider
doi:10.20550/jiesekitanronbun.56.0_54 fatcat:d6cmsozlkjbkzog7tnqri5rwde