Синонімічні Та Антонімічні Відношення У Футбольній Термінології

Ю. Б. Струганець
2016 Zenodo  
Despite researchers' attention to the theoretical and practical issues of sports terminology, football termunits still requires systematic research. Purpose of the article is to analyze synonymic and antonymic relations in the system of Ukrainian football terminology. The source base is the professional dictionaries, general language dictionaries, sports newspapers and magazines, professional, non-fiction and reference books on football issues, football programmes on TV, broadcasting of
more » ... matches, football Internetcommunication, oral football communication. In analyzed case of terms founded such types of synonyms: one-word terms-doublets, termssyntactic synonyms, definitional synonyms, stylistic synonyms. Absolute synonyms coincide with semantics, emotional colouring, compatibility, not frequency. Partial synonyms are dominated. It is found that antonymic synonyms in the football vocabulary convey the spirit of resistance in this sport. It is determined semantic opposition based on different types of relationships: a) semantic relations (gradual, complementary, vector, coordinate antonyms); b) formal and structural terms (with different and with same root); c) stylistic terms (general language and contextual antonyms). Summing up, football terminology needs constant attention of researchers, especially in its unification and standardization.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.165113 fatcat:wn6yilszlzcpbhuzzormhpsjby