EqSpike: Spike-driven Equilibrium Propagation for Neuromorphic Implementations [article]

Erwann Martin, Maxence Ernoult, Jérémie Laydevant, Shuai Li, Damien Querlioz, Teodora Petrisor, Julie Grollier
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Finding spike-based learning algorithms that can be implemented within the local constraints of neuromorphic systems, while achieving high accuracy, remains a formidable challenge. Equilibrium Propagation is a promising alternative to backpropagation as it only involves local computations, but hardware-oriented studies have so far focused on rate-based networks. In this work, we develop a spiking neural network algorithm called EqSpike, compatible with neuromorphic systems, which learns by
more » ... ibrium Propagation. Through simulations, we obtain a test recognition accuracy of 97.6% on MNIST, similar to rate-based Equilibrium Propagation, and comparing favourably to alternative learning techniques for spiking neural networks. We show that EqSpike implemented in silicon neuromorphic technology could reduce the energy consumption of inference and training respectively by three orders and two orders of magnitude compared to GPUs. Finally, we also show that during learning, EqSpike weight updates exhibit a form of Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity, highlighting a possible connection with biology.
arXiv:2010.07859v3 fatcat:w5fb6xbnfzggbarfmgxj4we4bi