Inductive power coupling for an electric highway system

J.G. Bolger, F.A. Kirsten, L.S. Ng
1978 28th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference  
A Dual Mode Electric Transportation (OMET) system is uncpr developPJ(~nt in I'lhich energy is electromagneti ca lly t I'ans ferred frolll a powered roadway to moving vehicles. Energy from the roadway can be use4 for high-speed, long-range travel and for replenishing energy stored in the vehicle in batteries or flywheels. The stored energy is then available for short-range travel off the pOl~ered highl~ay network. The pOl~er coupling bebleen roadway and vehicle is functionally similar to a
more » ... ol1ner. A source is embedded in the roadway flush with the surface. When the vehicle's pickup is suspended over the source, energy is magnetically coupled through the clearance air gap between pickup and roadway source. The electromagnetic coupling mechanism has been extensively studied throush computer models, circuit analyses and by tests of a full-size physical prototype. The results of these tests are described.
doi:10.1109/vtc.1978.1622522 fatcat:mtni3x7nkrcepb3ym2bajixunu