Modeling brittle fracture, slip weakening, and variable friction in geomaterials with an embedded strong discontinuity finite element [report]

Richard A Regueiro, R I Borja, C D Foster
2006 unpublished
Localized shear deformation plays an important role in a number of geotechnical and geological processes. Slope failures, the formation and propagation of faults, cracking in concrete darns, and shear fractures in subsiding hydrocarbon reservoirs are examples of important effects of shear localization. Traditional engineering analyses of This report summarizes the major research and development accomplishments for the LDRD project titled "Cohesive Zone Modeling of Failure in Geomaterials:
more » ... Geomaterials: Formulation and Implementation of a Strong Discontinuity Model Incorporating the Effect of Slip Speed on Frictional Resistance". This project supported a strategic partnership between Sandia National Laboratories and Stanford University by providing funding for the lead author, Craig Foster, during his doctoral research.
doi:10.2172/895072 fatcat:k34ll4igrvh2xkjnceiu2pphva