Low-field magnetic resonance imaging for 3D volume rendering of canine stifle joint pathologies: a case report

A. Przeworski, Z. Adamiak, J. Glodek
2017 Veterinární Medicína  
This article presents a case report in which complex deformities of the canine stifle joint were visualised using 3D volume rendering of images acquired in a low-field MRI system. The use of low-field MRI for 3D volume rendering has been described in human medicine, but no such reports are available as yet in veterinary medicine. A two-year-old male mongrel dog (8.5 kg body mass) with an unknown previous history of hindlimb lameness was presented to our clinic. The left stifle joint was
more » ... ended, slightly enlarged and it showed a limited range of motion. Three-dimensional sequences were used to visualise bones of the stifle joint. Optimal values of in-plane spatial resolution were obtained for small structures. The developed 3D model contributed to our understanding of the spatial localisation of bone deformities in the patient, which was crucial in surgical planning. This report shows that three-dimensional models do significantly enhance the clinical applicability of low-field MRI.
doi:10.17221/80/2017-vetmed fatcat:767deqkqkrdglhcp2nak3j6yhe