Sample-based synthesis of photo-realistic talking heads

E. Cosatto, H.P. Graf
Proceedings Computer Animation '98 (Cat. No.98EX169)  
This paper describes a system that generates photorealistic video animations of talking heads. First the system derives head models from existing video footage using image recognition techniques. It locates, extracts and labels facial parts such as mouth, eyes, and eyebrows into a compact library. Then, using these face models and a text-to-speech synthesizer, it synthesizes new video sequences of the head where the lips are in synchrony with the accompanying soundtrack. Emotional cues and
more » ... rsational signals are produced by combining head movements, raising eyebrows, wide open eyes, etc. with the mouth animation. For these animations to be believable, care has to be taken aligning the facial parts so that they blend smoothly into each other and produce seamless animations. Our system uses precise multi-channel facial recognition techniques to track facial parts, and it derives the exact 3D position of the head, enabling the automatic extraction of normalized face parts. Such talking-head animations are useful because they generally increase intelligibility of the human-machine interface in applications where content needs to be narrated to the user, such as educative software.
doi:10.1109/ca.1998.681914 dblp:conf/ca/CosattoG98 fatcat:y4lxhv6nirevnlotllrcz4rdzi