2. Pilocarpine-induced salivation and thirst in conscious rats
2. 覚醒下ラットにおいてピロカルピンが誘発する催唾作用と喉の渇き(11月例会講演抄録)

Nao Sato
2006 The Journal of the Kyushu Dental Society  
This study was to evaluate the facial thermographic changes before and after low − 1evel laser irradiation . Nine healthy sub ゴ ects were irradiated using the cQntinuous wave setting of a CO21aser of 1. O W . The laser was applied to the right TMJ area for 10minutes. The facial temperature 上 O min . after stopping irradiation was higher than that after 10 min . of irradiation applied to the opposite side . The warmer area was found not only over the TMJ area , but also over the tempQral area ,
more » ... orehead area , and eyelid area of both sides . These results suggested that low − 1evel laser irradiation had a long − lasting effect on facial cutaneous tissues . 1 ' .嚥下
doi:10.2504/kds.60.37_2 fatcat:7ztioh4gurbdbmmvhj7sgjemf4