Nadia A. Ali, Farah T. Mohammed Noori, Sinaa I. Hussin
2010 Al-Nahrain Journal of Science  
Frequency and temperature dependence of dielectric constant ( ) and di el ectric loss ( ) i n pure epoxy resin and polymer composites with glass fiber are studied in the frequency range 40Hz-110 MHz and in the temperature range (25-150) 0 C.The experimental results show that and increased with the addition of glass fiber in epoxy resin. The value of ( ) decreased with increasing frequency which indicates that the major contribution to the polarization comes from orientation polarization
more » ... ric loss peaks were also observed in the composite materials at high temperature due to Tg of epoxy .The value of ( ) increased with increasing temperature, and is due to greater freedom of movement of the dipole molecular chains within the epoxy at high temperature.
doi:10.22401/jnus.13.1.10 fatcat:lntfkalh5fewtbcmuktr7dk334