Submicron Lateral Scaling of Vertical-Transport Devices Transferred-Substrate Bipolar Transistors and Schottky-Collecto Tunnel Diodes

M. Rodwell, R. Pullela, B. Agarwal, M. Reddy, Q. Lee, J. Guthrie, D. Mensa, L. Samosk, S.C. Martin, R.P. Smith
1997 Ultrafast Electronics and Optoelectronics   unpublished
Transferred-substrate HBTs, fabricated with 0.7 micron emitters and 1.6 micron collectors, obtain 277 GHz power-gain cutoff frequencies f max . At 0.1 µm lithography, the device should obtain ∼ 500 GHz f max . Deep submicron Schottky-collector resonant tunnel diodes (SRTDs) have estimated 2.2 THz cutoff frequencies. A 64-element monolithic SRTD array oscillated at 650 GHz.
doi:10.1364/ueo.1997.ud7 fatcat:g7q22fsnwrc4rerwp3apolwnzq