Pd nanoparticle adsorption ZnO nanorods for enhancing photodetector UV-sensing performance

Sheng-Joue Young, Yi-Hsing Liu
2021 IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society  
Ultraviolet (UV) detection is an important index, as UV rays can cause skin diseases in humans. To enhance the performance of UV photodetectors, we fabricated palladium nanoparticles-(Pd NPs) modified ZnO nanorods. The surface morphology is observed by using transmission electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The crystal structure is analysed by using X-ray diffraction. The optical property is investigated by using photoluminescence spectra. The Idark of the ZnO and Pd/ZnO
more » ... ples was 5.05 × 10 -8 and 2.24 × 10 -9 A when a 1 V bias was applied. On the other hand, the Iphoto of the ZnO and Pd/ZnO samples was 2.56 × 10 -6 and 4.38 × 10 -6 A when the sample is illuminated UV light (365 nm). The current ratio of Iphoto / Idark for the ZnO and Pd/ZnO samples was 50.8 and 1960, respectively. The enhanced performance of the Pd NPs can produce a strong electric field after light is absorbed via the localised surface plasmon resonance effect.
doi:10.1109/jeds.2021.3050606 fatcat:zuk5tf4pe5abdizrda3ky3625a