Development Of ABEC Column For Separation Of Tc-99 From Northstar Dissolved Target Solution [report]

Dominique C. Stepinski, Megan E. Bennett, Seema R. Naik, lei ling, N-H. Linda Wang, George F. Vandegrift
2016 unpublished
Batch and column breakthrough experiments were performed to determine isotherms and mass-transfer parameters for adsorption of Tc on aqueous biphasic extraction chromatographic (ABEC) sorbent in two solutions: 200 g/L Mo, 5.1 M K + , 1 M OH -, and 0.1 M NO 3 -(Solution A) and 200 g/L Mo, 9.3 M K + , 5 M OH -, and 0.1 M NO 3 -(Solution B). Good agreement was found between the isotherm values obtained by batch and column breakthrough studies for both Solutions A and B. Potassium-pertechnetate
more » ... a-particle diffusivity on ABEC resin was estimated by VERSE simulations, and good agreement was found among a series of column-breakthrough experiments at varying flow velocities, column sizes, and technetium concentrations. However, testing of 10 cc cartridges provided by NorthStar with Solutions A and B did not give satisfactory results, as significant Tc breakthrough was observed and ABEC cartridge performance varied widely among experiments. These different experimental results are believed to be due to inconsistent preparation of the ABEC resin prior to packing and/or inconsistent packing.
doi:10.2172/1349894 fatcat:324qmcm2yjbtlod4cmtbn6ezea