Area Spectral Efficiency and SINR Scaling Laws in Multi-Antenna Cellular Networks [article]

Ahmad AlAmmouri, Jeffrey G. Andrews, Francois Baccelli
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We study the scaling laws of the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) and area spectral efficiency (ASE) in multi-antenna cellular networks, where the number of antennas scales with the base station (BS) spatial density λ. We start with the MISO case having N_t(λ) transmit antennas and a single receive antenna and prove that the average SINR scales as N_t(λ)/λ and the average ASE scales as λlog(1+N_t(λ)/λ). For the MIMO case with single-stream eigenbeamforming and N_r(λ) ≤ N_t(λ)
more » ... ve antennas, we prove that the scaling laws of the conditional SINR and ASE are exactly the same as the MISO case, i.e. not dependent on N_r(λ). We also show that coordinated beamforming amongst K≤ N_t(λ) neighboring BSs does not improve the scaling laws regardless of K. From a system design perspective, our results suggest that deploying multi-antenna BSs can help maintain the per-user throughput and the linear increase in the ASE with BS density, while the number of antennas at the user equipment and the use of BS cooperation do not matter much.
arXiv:2002.04118v1 fatcat:newikok25zg6phvtg4jfqpefcq