Cognitive Smart Healthcare for Pathology Detection and Monitoring

Syed Umar Amin, M. Shamim Hossain, Ghulam Muhammad, Musaed Alhussein, Md. Abdur Rahman
2019 IEEE Access  
We propose a cognitive healthcare framework that adopts the Internet of Things (IoT)-cloud technologies. This framework uses smart sensors for communications and deep learning for intelligent decision-making within the smart city perspective. The cognitive and smart framework monitors patients' state in real time and provides accurate, timely, and high-quality healthcare services at low cost. To assess the feasibility of the proposed framework, we present the experimental results of an EEG
more » ... logy classification technique that uses deep learning. We employ a range of healthcare smart sensors, including an EEG smart sensor, to record and monitor multimodal healthcare data continuously. The EEG signals from patients are transmitted via smart IoT devices to the cloud, where they are processed and sent to a cognitive module. The system determines the state of the patient by monitoring sensor readings, such as facial expressions, speech, EEG, movements, and gestures. The real-time decision, based on which the future course of action is taken, is made by the cognitive module. When information is transmitted to the deep learning module, the EEG signals are classified as pathologic or normal. The patient state monitoring and the EEG processing results are shared with healthcare providers, who can then assess the patient's condition and provide emergency help if the patient is in a critical state. The proposed deep learning model achieves better accuracy than the state-of-the-art systems. INDEX TERMS Cognitive, IoT-cloud, deep learning, smart healthcare, EEG.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2891390 fatcat:v3qbzu4ysvhz7ag7yyelpgglre