Edge Constraint and Location Mapping for Liver Tumor Segmentation from Nonenhanced Images

Jina Zhang, Shichao Luo, Yan Qiang, Yuling Tian, Xiaojiao Xiao, Keqin Li, Xingxu Li, Po-Hsiang Tsui
2022 Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine  
As there is no contrast enhancement, the liver tumor area in nonenhanced MRI exists with blurred edges and low contrast, which greatly affects the speed and accuracy of liver tumor diagnosis. As a result, precise segmentation of liver tumor from nonenhanced MRI has become an urgent and challenging task. In this paper, we propose an edge constraint and localization mapping segmentation model (ECLMS) to accurately segment liver tumor from nonenhanced MRI. It consists of two parts: localization
more » ... work and dual-branch segmentation network. We build the localization network, which generates prior coarse masks to provide position mapping for the segmentation network. This part enhances the ability of the model to localize liver tumor in nonenhanced images. We design a dual-branch segmentation network, where the main decoding branch focuses on the feature representation in the core region of the tumor and the edge decoding branch concentrates on capturing the edge information of the tumor. To improve the ability of the model for capturing detailed features, sSE blocks and dense upward connections are introduced into it. We design the bottleneck multiscale module to construct multiscale feature representations using kernels of different sizes while integrating the location mapping of tumor. The ECLMS model is evaluated on a private nonenhanced MRI dataset that comprises 215 different subjects. The model achieves the best Dice coefficient, precision, and accuracy of 90.23%, 92.25%, and 92.39%, correspondingly. The effectiveness of our model is demonstrated by experiment results, and our model reaches superior results in the segmentation task of nonenhanced liver tumor compared to existing segmentation methods.
doi:10.1155/2022/1248311 pmid:35309832 pmcid:PMC8926519 fatcat:g2yji2fiqfh7zmixnxl5kyj5qm