No Smoking in the European Parliament: Issue Saliency and Policy Preferences of Euro-parliamentarians

2009 The Korean Journal of International Studies  
【ABSTRACT】 This article examines the formation of policy preferences through the lens of issue saliency in the European Parliament. When legislators pursue policy preferences, they select some issues from a range of interests they are supposed to represent. The choice depends on two factors: policy question' s saliency to those interests and the compatibility between those interests and legislators'ideologies and constituents'interests. This is tested with roll call votes on the 2001 Tobacco
more » ... the 2001 Tobacco Products Directive. Euro-parliamentarians'policy positions are based on the positions of member states, national parties, and interest groups including the tobacco industry and health groups. The main finding is that their policy preferences are formed not only with partisanship based on the left-right ideology and EU integration but also based on nationality. In the case of tobacco regulation, parliamentarians are driven more by national culture and lobbies from sectoral interests than by public health concern.
doi:10.14731/kjis.2009. fatcat:fjiguf7ddrb37kgyzlo6rcrb4m