The centrifugal instability of the boundary-layer flow over slender rotating cones

Z. Hussain, S. J. Garrett, S. O. Stephen
2014 Journal of Fluid Mechanics  
Existing experimental and theoretical studies are discussed which lead to the clear hypothesis of a hitherto unidentified convective instability mode that dominates within the boundary-layer flow over slender rotating cones. The mode manifests as Görtlertype counter-rotating spiral vortices, indicative of a centrifugal mechanism. Although a formulation consistent with the classic rotating-disk problem has been successful in predicting the stability characteristics over broad cones, it is unable
more » ... to identify such a centrifugal mode as the half-angle is reduced. An alternative formulation is developed and the governing equations solved using both short-wavelength asymptotic and numerical approaches to independently identify the centrifugal mode.
doi:10.1017/jfm.2014.417 fatcat:cuofstyuczftvolsxdsqi5eumy