E. K. Petrosyan, E. A. Kostereva, S. Y. Novikov, I. G. Moreno, P. V. Shumilov
2017 Nephrology (Saint-Petersburg)  
THE AIM. Determining the effect of obesity on renal function in children. PATIENTS AND METHODS. The study included 35 adolescents (30 boys and 5 girls, mean age 14.6±2.2 years) with overweight and differing degrees of obesity. In addition to clinical examination determined the presence and severity of risk factors for kidney disease in obesity, especially insulin resistance, lipid metabolism with the definition of atherogenic index (AI). To assess kidney function determined microalbuminuria
more » ... icroalbuminuria (MAU) and glomerular filtration rate. RESULTS. Renal function in adolescents with obesity which manifests with increasing the excretion of albumin and decreasing the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) caused by lipid metabolism disorders: increase of lowdensity lipoprotein (LDL) level and decrease of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) level, which reflected on the atherogenic atherogenic index. The correlation between the level of MAU and GFR and atherogenic index (r= 0,42;p<0,05; r = -0,37;p<0.05) was shown, whereas between blood pressure and MAU, as well as between the degree of IR and impaired renal function in adolescents with obesity was absent. We have not found a relationship between blood pressure and MAU, as well as between the degree of IR and renal disorder in adolescents with obesity. Severity of IR depends on the level of HDL (r= -0,52; p<0,05). Disorder of BP biorhythm as insufficient diastolic night fall significantly affected on the renal function in the form of MAU (r = -0,37; p <0,05). It was found that the degree of overweight is not in direct correlation with the degree of lipid metabolism disorder (r = 0,2; p> 0,05). CONCLUSION. In adolescents with overweight and obesity renal function is inversely proportional correlated with severity of lipid metabolism disorder, intensity of which is not dependent on the degree of overweight.
doi:10.24884/1561-6274-2017-21-2-48-55 fatcat:fs5ivlx5x5cabald5q2vd7swsu