1914 The Lancet  
643 decided excess in 17 samples. The Canadian standard for nitrogen content, 8 per cent. of the total solid matter, was met by all but four of the samples. Favourable notice was given to most of the samples, and their keeping qualities appear to be of the best. Veodmn Pr°otestant Hospital for the litsane, Quebec. During 1913 477 men and 433 women were treated in the Verdun Protestant Hospital for the Insane, near Montreal. There were 247 admissions. Of 151 discharged 74 had recovered, 45
more » ... recovered, 45 improved, and 32 unimproved. There were 92 deaths. The percentage of recoveries was 31'62 ; of deaths, 10'10. The youngest patient admitted was 15 years and the oldest 88 years. There were only eight voluntary admissions. Receipts were$159,938, expenditure$162,465, deficit$2,527. The Quebec Government contributes$142 per patient per annum. _ Feb. 10th.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)43463-5 fatcat:4sser4jw2jf2ppsi37u7x3k2li