The Short Stay Unit as a new option for hospitals: A review of the scientific literature

Gianfranco Damiani, Luigi Pinnarelli, Lorenzo Sommella, Valentina Vena, Patrizia Magrini, Walter Ricciardi
2011 Medical Science Monitor  
The short stay unit (SSU) is a ward providing targeted care for patients requiring brief hospitalization and dischargeable as soon as clinical conditions are resolved. Therefore, SSU is an alternative to the ordinary ward (OW) for the treatment of selected patients. The SSU model has been tested in only a few hospitals, and the literature lacks systematic evaluation of the impact of SSU use. The aim of our study was to evaluate the use of SSUs in terms of length of hospital stay, mortality and
more » ... eadmission rate. Material/Methods: A random effect meta-analysis was carried out by consulting electronic databases. Studies were selected that focused on comparison between use of SSUs and OWs. Mean difference of length of stay was calculated within 95% confidence intervals. Results: Six articles were selected, for a total of 21 264 patients. The estimated mean difference was -3.06 days (95% CI -4.71, -1.40) in favor of the SSU. The selected articles did not show any differences in terms of mortality and readmission rate. Conclusions: Use of SSUs could reduce patient length of stay in hospital, representing an alternative to the ordinary ward for selected patients. A shorter period of hospitalization could reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections, increase patient satisfaction and yield more efficient use of hospital beds. Findings of this study are useful for institutional, managerial and clinical decision-makers regarding the implementation of the SSU in a hospital setting, and for better management of continuity of care. key words: monday to friday clinic • monday to friday surgery ward • short stay hospitalization • alternative to conventional hospitalization • alternative admissions • new option for patient care • week hospital • short stay surgery • short stay surgical unit • short-stay unit • short stay hospital unit • short stay clinic • short stay medical unit • unitad medica de estancia corta • optimize hospital resource • cost effectiveness • safety • effectiveness and safety Full-text PDF:
doi:10.12659/msm.881791 fatcat:szhd4xlybbfupp375skot74rly